Attn Coach – Every Team should have it’s Team user name and password by now – you need to start submitting your 2016 Roster – if you have a problem doing so please contact me at

We have extended the Initial Roster Deadline till June 1 due to all the Rain we have been having

TEAM ROSTERS are to be submitted by June 1 (Men & Women). Each Coach will be given a Password to our Roster Section on the “NEW WALL SOFTBALL WEBSITE” – Each Coach is responsible to submit his Team’s Roster to the Roster Section of the Website and is required to be  filled out .  Each team is allowed no more than 20 players on their roster. . Players can be added or dropped by July 1st.               Players Name, Cell & email address is required on each Roster.

PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY – a player must play TWO (2) Games with his/her Team to be eligible to play in the Playoffs.