2018 Tom Doyle Joe Aretino Memorial Tournament – Packet

2018 Tom Doyle/Joe Aretino Rules Packet

Updated July 9, 2017

ALL Field’s & Complex’s  address are on the Team List/ Friday Schedule page

If you have any questions please call :

Tournament Coordinator
Greg Kapalko : – (cell) 732-881-2011

Tournament Director- Edison(Fri) Howell Sat & Sun)
Nora Bosmans: – 732-403-6918

Tournament Director – Edison( Fri & Sat) Toms River (Sunday):
Aado Kommandant: – (cell) 732-299-6159


Tournament Director – Toms River:
Matt Purpuro: 732-581-5776


 ALL SCORES should be given to your site director (by winning coach) and also TEXT to Scores Co-coordinator:                             Nora Bosmans: – 732-403-6918



Greg Kapalko, Tournament Coordinator: (cell) 732-881-2011

Nora Bosmans, Tournament Director: Cell 732-403-6918

Aado Kommendant Tournament Director: (cell) 732-299-6159

Matt Purpuro Tournament Director: Cell:732-581-5776

 Offical Pool Seedings will be available at Edison Angels Softball  Complex or TR Lightning Complex  after the final game of each Pool has been played on Friday.  The Official Saturday Compass Bracket Seedings will  be posted on the Wall Softball League  website in the Tournament Section. You may get your Saturday Bracket Sheets from http://itournamentbrackets.com/index.aspx  Don’t call us – please do not leave your Complex till you know where and what time you are playing on Saturday. then go to the website for final conformation. – a minor change is possible.
You may check the website on or around 9:00PM Friday Night.




5 game guarantee  (weather permitting)

 Friday –  (2 Pool Games for seeding) – Based on 12 Pools – 4 Teams per Pool.

You must win your 1st Game to Automatically Qualify for Gold. Top 2 Seeds in each Pool and 4/6 – 3rd  Place Wild Card Teams (Whatever amount necessary to get to 32 Teams)  will advance to a  Compass Style – in Edison &Toms River. The 3rd & 4th Place Teams will each Pool will advance to a  Compass Style – in Howell,Edison or Wall Twp.

 Saturday – (3 Games)  –

All  Pool Winners & 2nd Place Finishers plus(8) 3rd Place Wild Cards  will be placed in 1 of  the (4) GOLD – 8 Team Compass Brackets. Each of these Pools will play to a Champion , the Champion and the THREE (3) 2-1 Record Teams will advance to Sunday Gold Single Elimination Bracket at the North Bay Complex Toms River. The Winner of the 7th Place Game will advance to the Sunday Silver Single Elimination Bracket in Howell.

The 3rd place teams (not selected for the Gold Pool) & all 4th place Teams in each Pool will be placed in 1 of  the (2) SILVER – 8 Team Compass Brackets. Each of these Pools will play to a Champion , the Champion and the (3) 2-1 Record Teams will advance to Sunday Silver Single Elimination Bracket at the Soldier Field Complex in Howell.

The Wall Twp. Fields are only 35 Min. South of Edison if you are staying in a Hotel at either location. The Toms River Complex is 20 miles South of Wall Twp.  The Soldier Field Complex is 10 min. west of Wall Twp. off of Exit 31 B 0f Route 195.

All Bracket Games Coin Flip for Home Team.

Each Compass Bracket will play down to 4 Teams (16 for Gold & 12 for Silver) by the end of Saturday.


All advancing teams have been pre-seeded determined by Saturday’s Results into either the Gold or Silver Sunday Championship Brackets.  Championship Games should finish by should start by 3:00PM Sunday.

Tournament Rules :

  1. All Teams have the Option of batting 10 in all games.

      ( Flex & DP may also be used)

  1. All Games must have a winner
  2. USA Softball Book Rules apply to all other Rules.
  3. Pool Rankings

      2-0 1st

      1-1 2nd  (if you win your 1st & lose your 2nd game)

      1-1 3rd  ( if you lose you 1st & win your 2nd game)

      0-2  4th

Note: In the Event we have a 3 Team Pool and we have a 3 way tie (all team’s 1-1) – Tiebreakers will be :
     1st – Runs Allowed / 2nd – Runs Scored/ 3rd Coin Flip

  1. If inclement weather makes the number of games played by each team in the pool unequal, the Won-Lost record will be replaced by Winning Percentage and Fewest Runs Allowed and Most Runs Scored will be changed to Average Runs Allowed/Average Runs Scored Per Game – or we will coin flip in those Pools for the Double Elimination Seeding. If the late Pools play NO GAMES – and the early Pools are completed – we will advance Teams based on Pool Seeding.
  1. If Friday is completely Rained Out – Teams will be placed 8 Team Compass Brackets – with 30 Teams advance to Sunday  and Sunday Brackets play will be Single elimination. (15 to Gold and 15 to Silver)
  1. If we lose both Friday and Saturday to Rain – we will re-seed the Tournament ( seeding will be based on TDM Tournament Pre- Seeding)- shorten Game times and play 3 Mini-Tournaments at multiple sites.



  • Teams may consist of a maximum of 20 players.
  • Teams must present a roster of all team members, listing names, age, and uniform number to the tournament director.
  • Teams must have proof of age available for each player.
  • Insurance coverage is the responsibility of each team and must be submitted prior to playing the first game.
  • NO SMOKING is permitted in the playing field areas.
  • Game Length is:
  • Friday Pool Play – No inning will start after 1 hour and 20 minutes,  All Innings that are started WILL BE FINISHED. We will play to a winner in all Pool Games. Note: If Game is Tied at 1 Hr, 10Min. next new inning will begin with ITB.

         Saturday Compass Bracket Play – No inning will start after 1 hour and 20 minutes, but if the game is tied at that time, we will play the ITB in the top of the next  inning or any Tied Inning that starts after 1 Hour 10 Min.

       Sunday Single Elimination Play –  No inning will start after 1 hour and 20 minutes, but if the game is tied at that time, we will play the ITB in the top of the next  inning or any Tied Inning that starts after 1 Hour 20 Min.

      All Championship Games on Sunday, all games will be full seven innings – no time limit. – but Run Rule will still apply.

  • All decisions to change time limits are the sole responsibility of the Tournament Director.
  • Stalling tactics will not be permitted and will be called at the Umpire’s or a Tournament Director’s discretion.

     If a team is charged with stalling in Pool or Elimination Play, the Penalty may be to either Finish the Inning or Revert to the score of the to the Previous Inning.

  • All teams are required to be flexible in the case of inclement weather. The Tournament Director will make all decisions regarding allotted game time.
  • Home team in the All Games will be determined by a coin flip prior to the start of the game by the umpire.
  • Home team keeps the official scorebook.
  • All teams must present lineups to the umpire and opposing coach prior to the game.
  • The umpire has the official and final say on all scorebook disputes.
  • Softballs for each game will be provided by the Tournament Director and given to the umpire.
  • No infield practice prior to any game. Warm up may be done on grass only.
  • Managers are expected to control themselves, their coaches, players, parents and spectators. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the game, ejection from the game, or ejection from multiple games of the tournament.

 We recommend after each game, of the Winning Coach to Double Check the Umpire’s scorecard after the game.

If the Umpire posts the score with the wrong team winning, that score will stand. It has happened !

It is the responsibility of the Winning Coach – TEXT or CALL the score to our SCORES PHONE NUMBER –Nora Bosmans 732-403-6918 to confirm – 15 Minutes after your game ends.     This applies to Sat & Sunday Elimination Play also.


 Each Team is required to PAY the Umpire as you Play –

 Umpire Fee is:$45 per Team per game – Please Pay your Umpire before your game begins.

In the event you only have 1 Umpire at your game – the Fee will be $30 per team to that Ump.

  • Pool Play:  Two umpires paid by Teams
  •  Elimination Rounds:Two umpires paid by Teams
  • Gold & Silver Championship Game Umpires each will be PAID by the Tournament.
  • Tournament reserves the right to change the number of umpires in any game.




  • Present $100 cash at time of protest.
  • If protest is upheld, $100 will be refunded.
  • If protest is denied, $100 is forfeited for delay of game penalty.
  • If protest occurs and delays a pool play game so that 3 innings are not completed in the allotted time, and if the protest is not upheld, the game will be forfeited by to the protesting team.
  • The umpire-in-chief along with the tournament director makes the final rulings, and there is no other course for appeal.
  • THERE WILL BE NO PROTESTS ACCEPTED IN  MATTERS INVOLVING SOLELY OFFICIAL’S JUDGEMENT.  Only decisions involving misapplication or misinterpretation of a rule may be protested.




  • Courtesy runners may be used for the pitcher and catcher at any time.

If a Team has no substitutes the Last Out may be used as Courtesy Runners.





  • 12 runs after three innings
  • 10 runs after four innings
  • 8 runs after five innings




  • Extra hitter (EH) and DP/Flex may be used for a maximum of 10 hitters in the batting order.
  • EH may play the field at any time.
  • If both Teams agree You may bat as many as agreed upon.









Each Team may nominate 2 (2017) Graduating Seniors for 1 of 2 – $500 TDM/JA Scholarships – will be drawn by lot on Championship Sunday at  Toms River.

Note: Only 1 Player per Team is eligible for a Scholarship. (1st name drawn)



PLAYER 1________________________________ TEAM NAME



ADDRESS _________________________________

CITY & ZIP CODE__________________________

CELL PHONE______________________________







PLAYER 2_________________________________ TEAM NAME



ADDRESS _________________________________

CITY & ZIP CODE__________________________

CELL PHONE______________________________