Bat Testing deadline has passed


All bats should of been tested by May 2.Only USA Softball Approved 2021  ORANGE Sticker can be used now– your 2020 Purple Sticker could only be used up to Sunday May 2.

If you still have a bat that needs to be tested you will need to see Aado to get it tested before it is used !

All Players must fill out the 2021 COVID-19 Waiver Form Online Only

All players that choose to participate will have to sign a USA Softball COVID-19 Waiver. The waiver is available on the website – please make sure all your players fill one out. – It will be each Player’s responsibility to fill the COVID-19 Waiver out . Once filled out an email must be sent to each coach by the player confirming that he/she has filled it out.

It is the Coach of each Team’s Responsibility to notify all of his or her players that participate in the 2021 Wall Softball Recreation Softball Program that each Player is waiving his/her rights regarding COVID-19 if they choose to play in the Wall Rec Softball League whether the Player Signs the waiver or not.

If a player plays in a game and has not filled out a COVID-19 Waiver – The Team the player plays for will Forfeit any Game the player plays in.

A Coach’s failure to inform your players may result in the Coach being liable in a lawsuit.