TEAM ROSTERS are considered  to be submitted once your players sign their Wall Twp. Softball Waiver. (Men & Women).   Players are automatically added to your roster once they sign the Waiver Roster Form on their Cell or Device.

Each team is allowed no more than 20 players on their roster. Players can be added or dropped by June 19.  Players Name is required –  – Cell, email address &Home address are optional on each Roster.

Spring/Summer PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY – a player must play TWO (2) Games with his/her Team to be eligible to play in the Playoffs.
For a player to be added to a roster, he/she needs to submit a 2022 Waiver. If a Player Failed to submit a 2022 Waiver  he/she will not be considered to be on your Final Roster. That Player  will not be permitted to participate in the playoffs – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Note: In the event that a Team Drops or Forfeits out of the League after July 1st (Summer)  – the League may choose to allow players from that Team to get on another Team that still has Roster Spots Available – NO MORE THAN 2 PLAYERS PER TEAM. Players must also play in the 2 games necessary on their new Team to be Playoff eligible.

If a player would like to switch Teams before the Deadline – He/She must do it before July 1, (Can only be done once) and the Player and Coach must follow the same procedure. One a Player Team Switch has been approved the Player must play 2 Games with his/her new team to be eligible for the Playoffs.

For a Player to be eligible to a go from 1 Team to another – The Coach and the Player needs to contact us via email ONLY wallsoftballscores@gmail.com 

Once we receive that Email – we will Contact both Teams that have been affected, only then will the Team Switch be Official