TEAM ROSTERS were considered  to be submitted once your players signed their COVID-19 Waiver. (Men & Women).   Each team is allowed no more than 20 players on their roster. Players can be added or dropped by July 1.  Players Name is required –  – Cell, email address &Home address are optional on each Roster.

Spring/Summer PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY – a player must play TWO (2) Games with his/her Team to be eligible to play in the Playoffs.
For a player to be added to a roster, he/she needs to submit a 2021 Covid-19 Waiver. If a Player Failed to submit a COVID-19 waiver  he/she will not be considered to be on your final roster by July 1. That Player  will not be permitted to participate in the playoffs – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Note: In the event that a Team Drops or Forfeits out of the League after July 1st (Summer)  – the League may choose to allow players from that Team to get on another Team that still has Roster Spots Available – NO MORE THAN 2 PLAYERS PER TEAM. Players must also play in the 2 games necessary on their new Team to be Playoff eligible.

If a player would like to switch Teams before the Deadline – He/She must do it before July 1, (Can only be done once) and the Player and Coach must follow the same procedure. One a Player Team Switch has been approved the Player must play 2 Games with his/her new team to be eligible for the Playoffs.

For a Player to be eligible to a go from 1 Team to another – The Coach and the Player needs to contact us via email ONLY wallsoftballscores@gmail.com 

Once we receive that Email – we will Contact both Teams that have been affected, only then will the Team Switch be Official