Sunday Fall Update

Sunday Men’s Opening Day is Sunday August 22. (Providing we get this Sunday’s Wall Summer Playoff Games in)
If you have not done so already – you will need to make payment arrangements with Wall Twp. Rec. Director Mike Thompson  prior to our meeting next week or bring a check to the Meeting
We plan on posting a Schedule on Monday August 16 –
We plan on having 2 divisions – American and National – Each Team will have 6 Regular Season Doubleheaders and 1 Bye Week over the 1st – 7 Weeks (Excluding Sept 5)  – for those teams that cannot play on Aug 22 – you will have to play either Sunday Sept 5 or on a Weeknight.
We are going to try to schedule most Sunday Game Times – 8:30AM- 10:30AM – 12:30PM at Rash and Brice –
We do have Sunday Afternoons available 2:30 & 4:30 but we know most of you guys would rather watch football – if you are scheduled for a Late Game  and would like to avoid those time slots we do have Rash Field available for Night Games on Tue-Wed-Thur
Please let us know if your Team will be  available for a Weeknight Makeup.
We will be having a League Meeting at Rash Field Tuesday Night Aug 17 at 6:00PM  to go over rules, pass out softballs and check bats – all Teams must send a Coach or Team Rep.

Note: Men’s Fall Sunday League – no player may use a bat without a 2021 USA Softball Orange Sticker on it as of Sunday August 29. (Note we will allow bats with a 2020 USA Purple Sticker to be used up till that date). All Bats must have an ASA/USA Softball Approved Logo stamped on the Bat.

Teams will be responsible for a $2.00 per bat inspection fee.