Sunday Men’s Schedule Posted

The 2024 Sunday Men’s Schedule is Posted on the Schedule Page

(Note: there still could be a few changes & updates)
Schedule Page should be checked every Friday!

The 2024 Roster Page is also Open – please have your Players Register before Opening Game


Bat Testing Times for April 7 will be announced by April 1

2024 Bat Testing: The League has an Official Bat Tester – all bats (That are stamped with an Official ASA/USA Stamp)that pass will receive a 2024 USA Softball Approved Sticker – your 2023 Sticker can be used up to Sunday April 21.

Teams will be responsible for a $3.00 per bat inspection fee.

At any point The League still reserves the right to re-inspect all bats at any time – Sticker or not  in the event that a ball hit with that bat hits an infielder in such a way that he has no chance to defend himself or a ball hit by that bat gives the impression that the Bat has been altered.

If a bat is re-tested and fails marginally the bat will be declared illegal – Illegal Bat Penalty will apply.

If the bat is re-tested and the bat fails because it’s been altered – then the Altered Bat Penalty will apply.

ILLEGAL BATS: Umpires should perform a Bat inspection prior to every DH. All Bats must be on the approved USA/ASA bat list. If it’s not on the list it’s illegal.

No bat may be used in any Wall Softball League League – without an Official USA 2024 Approved  Bat Sticker

Only bats stamped with a 2024 USA/ASA Sticker with the Official USA/ASA Softball Logo and a BPF 1.20 or less will be legal and allowed to be used, with the exception of wood. ALL BATS WITHOUT THE USA or ASA STAMP ARE ILLEGAL, and cannot be used-unless the bat appears on the USA/ASA Banned Bat list.

All dented Bats, Bats with loose pieces, any Bats with loose or altered caps will be BANNED.