About Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle
Tom Doyle 1955 – 2009

Tom was the founder of JAXX Gold Softball. He always strived for perfection from the team and worked tirelessly to bring the team to that “next level.” It was Tom’s dream to have “his girls” play in some of the best college showcases and tournaments.

Tom was famous for his practice sessions organized and planned to the very last detail. The girls loved them! When the team traveled for tournaments Tom could usually be found in the hotel lobby at 5:00am jotting down notes on his yellow pad and planning his strategy for the day ahead. We will forever be hearing Tom’s signature lines, “Are you serious???!!!” “Are you kidding me???!!!” when an at-bat or play did not go exactly as planned.

We are grateful for Tom’s time, commitment, and passion for our team and the game of softball. He will be sorely missed, but forever in our hearts.