Bedrock Granite drops off schedule

 Bedrock Granite has Dropped out of the League – with 4 Doubleheaders lest on their National League Schedule – so instead of Forfeits – I have given the 4 Teams that they were scheduled against – 1 Doubleheader vs each other.

July 2 – No 9AM for Corporate Soldiers – BYE

July 9 Stew Bums vs AP Ale House           11:00AM Brice

July 16 Corporate Soldiers vs Qual Tech    3:30PM Rash

July 23 – Qual Tech BYE

We have moved a few DH around to accommodate – the moves – everyone needs to check the Schedule Grid-


American Divison Bumper Schedule Posted

The American Division Bumper Schedule has been posted on the Schedule Page


    July 16
9:00AM Rash  Premier – Spring Lake Lawn
11:00AM Rash  07731- Rella’s

9:00AM Brice  Hot Dogs – ‘Merica
11:00AM Brice  McGillicuddy’s – Enviortactics

Note: All Games at Wall JV are Single Games

11:00AM Wall JV Moistboyz – Porters
12:00PM Wall JV Moistboyz – Ward Wight
1:00PM Wall JV Ward Wight – Porters

  July 23
9:00AM Rash  Premier – Rella’s
11:00AM Rash  07731- Spring Lake Lawn
9:00AM Brice  Hot Dogs – McGillicuddys
1:00PM Brice – Enviortactics -‘Merica

Note: The Late Brice starts are Single Games

3:30PM Brice Moistboyz – Porters
4:30PM Brice Moistboyz – Ward Wight
5:30PM Brice Ward Wight – Porters


Wall College Fast Pitch League Update


June 14 Scores

  NJ Intensity 6-5 & 6-4     JAXX
  Blues Crew 12-2 & 15-6  Chaos
Langan         4-0 & 0-7     MPI Softball
Jersey Outlaws 0-0 & 0-0 Base-is Pitches


June 21 Scores

   JAXX   0-0 & 0-0 Chaos
  Blues Crew 0-0 & 0-0  NJ Intensity
  Jersey Outlaws  0-0 & 0-0   MPI Softball
  Langan   0-0 & 0-0 Base-is Pitches




Attn Coach – We had a Team miss a Game last night at Rash Field because the players read the Individual Schedule Link not the Official Schedule Grid  (which you all were instructed to at the Meeting)

Sunday Link

Women’s Link

The above Link is what everyone needs to go by – That is the “only” OFFICIAL SCHEDULE – that is the only thing we UPDATE during the Season – the Individual Schedule Link does not get edited when we get rain-outs or I make Changes to the Schedule to accommodate Make-ups. That Individual Team Schedule is only a guide linked to the Events Page (Where we input the scores)

You and your players should check the Schedule Grid – EVERY WEEK – for changes – just in case we make one and forget to notify you – which might happen on an occasion.

If you miss a game or a DH that’s posted on the Grid – you will FORFEIT and pay the Full Ump Fee.

We are still waiting for some rosters – time is running out

Men’s Sunday Update

The Sunday League Games that were scheduled for July 2 have been moved up to Sunday June 25

Sunday July 2 will now be a Makeup Day –

The American League Bumper Schedule for Sunday July 16 – will be set based on the Standings on Monday July 3

Sunday Scores are still coming in too slow – please email or text them in as soon as your DH is over.

2017 Roster Update

Attn Coach – Every Team will be getting their password by shortly – as soon as you receive your password, you will need to submit your 2017 Roster – if you have a problem doing so please contact me at

We have extended the Initial Roster Deadline till June 10 due to all the Rain we have been having

TEAM ROSTERS are to be submitted by June 10 (Men & Women). Each Coach will be given a Password to our Roster Section on the-      “ WALL SOFTBALL WEBSITE” – Each Coach is responsible to submit his Team’s Roster to the Roster Section of the Website and is required to be  filled out .  Each team is allowed no more than 20 players on their roster. . Players can be added or dropped by July 1st.               Players Name Mandatory, Cell & email address are optional on each Roster.

PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY – a player must play TWO (2) Games with his/her Team to be eligible to play in the Playoffs.