2024 June Summer Slam Tournament Rules

2024 June Summer Slam

Tournament Rules & Field Address



  1. Each Team MUST provide a copy of your Proof of Insurance form and a Team Roster; Please email to: rkejaxx@gmail.com

*We encourage you to email scan or take a picture) your forms before the tournament.

*If not, you MUST present prior to your first game at the tent by field 1!


  1. **Winning Team in each game MUST text/call your score to
    732-581-5776  please!



  1. Home Team for every game on Saturday will be determined by a coin-flip, with the team traveling the furthest calling the toss. The Home Team scorebook is official. In Sunday playoff games, the Higher seeded team has choice of home/away. (Ex: #2 seed has choice over #3 seed)


  1. We will present 1st Place &2ndPlace  Place awards in all divisions.


  1. No smoking allowed within the confines of the playing area! Please keep your bench area clean! After each game, please clean up your garbage before leaving.


  1. No pre-game infield warm-ups before games! You may use the outfield grass to warm up


  1. Umpires are instructed NOT to take any abuse from players, coaches, parents & fans. If any umpire feels that anyone is being overly abusive towards them, that person will be asked to leave the complex! If that person fails to leave within 2 minutes, their team will forfeit the game & possibly all games for the weekend!  Managers are responsible for their players and fans!


  1. Teams will be seeded according to pool-play points:

*Points will be used as the 1st criteria when an EVEN number of teams exist & an equal number of games have been played in a bracket:


WIN = 3 pts                TIE = 1 pt              LOSS = 0 pts


*Teams tied in points will be broken by:

  1. Head to Head (if only 2 teams are tied); if still tied, then:
  2. Least number of Runs Allowed in the 3 games. If still tied, then:
  3. Most number of Runs Scored in the 3 games. If still tied, then:
  4. Coin Flip by Tournament Director


*if any teams play less games than other teams due to weather issues, odd number of teams in a bracket, etc. then Winning Percentage will be used as their first criteria, followed by Average Runs Against, followed by Average Runs Scored


  1. We will use the following Mercy Rule:

*10 runs  after  4 innings

 * 8 runs  after  5 innings


  1. In the event of bad weather, the Tournament Director reserves the right to use a Rain Schedule which could limit the number of games played and/or time limit of games and may also declare a game official if weather or darkness become an issue. Any game halted due to weather (example: rain, thunder/lightning, darkness) will have the clock continue. Scores will count and will revert back to the last completed inning, no matter how many innings or how much time has been played. (If home team is ahead, score would not revert if batting in the bottom of an inning)


  1. All games are played to 80 min Finish the Inning or to Mercy Rule. However, NO New Inning may start at or after 80 minutes! Once at the 80 minute mark, that inning will be completed, if needed.  If the Home Team is batting and is ahead, or goes ahead at any point after 80 minute mark, the game is over. If the Visiting Team is batting at the 80 minute mark, the inning will be completed


*Saturday games can end in a tie.  If time remains and full innings have been completed and game is tied, then International Tie-Breaker will be used


*All Sunday Playoff games, except “Finals” games, will also be No New Inning may start at or after 80 minute mark. Any Playoff game that is tied after a full inning at or after the 70 minute mark will start the next inning with the ITB


*Any Sunday Playoff game that ends tied (after 7 innings or time limit) will immediately go to International Tie-Breaker, with the player scheduled to bat last that inning starting as a base runner at 2nd base


*Finals Games (only are NO New Inning may start at or after 90 minutes! Once at the 90 minute mark, that inning will be complete, if needed.  If the Home Team is batting and is ahead, or goes ahead at any point after 90 minute mark, the game is over. If the Visiting Team is batting at the 90 minute mark, the inning will be completed.


  1. No infield or outfield warm ups allowed between innings, except for the 1stinning! Pitchers are allowed 5 warm up pitches in the first inning (or for new pitchers entering the game).*3 warm ups allowed for all other innings.
  2. Courtesy Runners are allowed for Pitcher & Catcher anytime. With 2 outs, Courtesy Runner is mandatoryfor the catcher (first offense, warning.  Second offense, an out is assessed to the catcher).  Courtesy Runner must be a bench player. If all players are in the batting lineup, then last batted out is to be used


  1. There are NO Protests allowed on any call at anytime! All discrepancies or rules interpretations will be settled by the home plate umpire. Umpire may call the UIC, if needed, to settle a rules question.


  1. Saturday Pool Play: Teams may bat their entire roster (or any number of players over 9) in any Saturday game, but a minimum of 8 players are needed to play at all times. Any team who plays 8 will have an out assessed each time the 9thbatting position is due up. Teams may add to their lineup if a player arrives late.


***Sunday Bracket Play – USA Book Rule – 10 Hitters Max which includes an EP – DP/Flex Optional, for Sunday Bracket Pool Games – unless both teams agree that they want to bat all their players.


*Offensive changes to the batting order must be reported to the plate umpire and opposing team. Defensive changes need not be reported

16.All Starters and Subs may re-enter the game 1 time

17.The DP/Flex Rule can be used for this tournament.

21.Winning Teams are responsible for making sure their winning scores are texted/called in to 732-581-5776 and that they are correctly posted online and at the Tent by field 1


22.No phone calls will be made Saturday night. Check standings and schedules on our website:





Field Locations

 North Bay Complex
(Fields 1,2 by concession stand)
(Field 3 at north end of complex nearest the road)

1643 N. Bay Ave.
Toms River, NJ  08753