2023 MCT Format


 Monmouth County Softball Tournament



2023 Registered Teams

1. Wall Twp.
2. Freehold Twp.
3. Marlboro
4. Middletown South
5. Holmdel
6. SJV
7. Ocean Twp.
8. Manasquan
9. Colts Neck
10. Matawan
11. Howell
12. Keansburg
13. Middletown North
14. RBC
15. Raritan
16. Allentown


Once we receive your 2023 Intent Form – Only your $200 Paid Tournament Fee secures your spot in the MCT – please be sure your AD mails in your 2023 Entry Fee

  • Intent Form – Fax to (732) 556-2105
  • Tournament Entry Fee $200.00 – Send check to Wall Township High School, 18th Avenue & New Bedford Road, Wall Township, NJ, 07719 – Make check payable to: Wall High School
  • Umpire Form – Fax to (732) 556-2105
  • Team Roster Form – Fax to (732) 556-2105

        Please rank all entered teams in Monmouth County  Tournament (1-16)  Fax to (732) 556-2105 or email to     wallsoftballscores@gmail.com  by March 31.


Tournament Director: Sherri Cate – Work # (732) 556-2064 – Cell # (732) 513-7631

Tournament Director: Greg Kapalko – Cell # (732)-881-2011)


Dear Athletic Director and Softball Coach:


Wall High School is proud to once again be hosting the Monmouth County Softball Tournament this season.  The tournament is open to all teams in Monmouth County who are in good standing with the NJSIAA and the Shore Conference of High Schools.




The format will be  tournament which will consist of Two different divisions of play (Red & Blue)



  • Only the First 16 Teams Registered and Paid will be admitted into the tournament. Those Teams will be seeded 1-8 and 9-16.
  • Seeds 1-8 will be placed in the Red Division.
  • Seeds 9-16 will be placed in the Blue Division.
  • Single Elimination


  • All teams entering the tournament must mail or fax the following, by Wednesday, March 15  .
    1. Intent Form – Fax to (732) 556-2105
    2. Tournament Entry Fee $200.00 – Send check to Wall Township High School, 18th Avenue & New Bedford Road, Wall Township, NJ, 07719 – Make check payable to: Wall High School
    3. Umpire Form – Fax to (732) 556-2105
    4. Team Roster Form – Fax to (732) 556-2105
      • Fee will offset the cost of Umpires fee for the championship games in each division plus provide 20) first place awards.
      • There will be “NO REFUNDS” once the first round of play has started.


Tournament Regulations / Timelines

  • The Tournament will be an “OPEN TOURNAMENT” for any team in Monmouth County.


  • The SHORE UMPIRE ASSOCIATION ASSIGNOR will work with the tournament director to  assign the umpires for all games.


  • The HIGHEST SEEDED TEAM is the home team for all games (except for the finals) and will be responsible for the payment of both umpires. Games that are played at neutral sites – each Team will supply 1 Umpire Voucher and 1 New Softball.


Rules To Follow Regarding “Round of Play”


  • (*) It is the responsibility of the Home Team (Higher Seed) to Schedule the game and secure the Umpires (Except for the Finals). If there is a dispute between Teams and an afternoon field is not available – The game will be scheduled by the MCT Director  – then the game will be moved to the MCT designated site (Harry Rash Field or North Wall Little League) where it will be played that evening. If weather becomes a problem we have the option to play the next day or even a Saturday or a Sunday. Because the 2021 MCT is playing simultaneous to the State Tournament , we will not ask Teams to double up and play 2 games in one day – however there are 2-3 days in between State Tournament games – so fitting them in at this time of year should not be a problem.


  • Teams will be seeded by Monday, April 3


  • The FIRST ROUND by April 15.


  • The Second Round by must be completed by April 22nd.


  • Championship Games on Saturday April 29 at Wall HS or Rash Field
  • Rain Date will be Saturday May 6 at Wall HS or Rash Field.


  • The Home Team is responsible for the softballs for the Semifinal and Final games.


  • In the Final RoundThe tournament will pay for the umpires in the Red, Blue division(s), which will be held at Wall High School. Three Umpires will be assigned in the tournament finals for each division.
  • Note: Consolation Final Umps will be Paid by Home Team. (2 Umps)
  • Final Game – a coin toss will determine the home team and the visitors will have choice of dugout/bench.


Game & Team Procedures 

Games and or teams who cannot stay on schedule will automatically be required to play in an evening slot, at Harry Rash Field,  or  a Lighted Field provided by the Higher Seeded Team. The time and date will be scheduled through the Tournament Field Manager:  Greg Kapalko – Cell # (732)-881-2011.  Information will be listed on www.wallsoftball.com website

  • All teams that have not completed their specified round of play within the per-arranged timeline will be assigned a time and date to make up their game by the TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE.


  • Your assigned game will be played whether or not you have already played a game earlier that day. Harry Rash Field or South Wall Little League will schedule two game slots each night. The first game slot will be at 6:30pm and the second game slot be will at 8:00pm. When both time slots are open and teams cannot agree on the time the game is played, the later time will prevail. If either team has a game that day an 8:00pm start time will occur.




  • SOFTBALLSThe tournament committee will supply a N.F.H.S. approved Leather Yellow Optic .47 and/or .44 core softball with a .375 compression for the final round of play in each division.


  • BATTING PRACTICE will be in accordance with Shore Conference Rules which states “that a team can hit up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. e.g. a game that is scheduled to start at 3:45pm must end all batting at 3:15pm. *Soft toss is considered batting practice (whether hit onto a field and/or hit into a net) and must  STOP  30 minutes prior to scheduled start of the game.  A team caught violating this rule must be reported immediately to the home plate umpire and recorded accordingly.  If information reported by the opposing team is accurate and documented by the home plate umpire     THE OFFENDING TEAM  WILL BE PENALIZED BY THE UMPIRES  ENFORCING THE  TIEBREAKER RULE IN THE (OPPONENT’S)  FIRST AT BAT ONLY.
  • NOTE: Team Pepper is considered a defensive drill not batting. Pepper can only be played within 40 feet of your dugout area and not on the field of play.


  • National Federation High School rules will govern all games. When a game is tied at the end of nine full innings, the 10th inning will start using the International Tiebreaker rule (which places a runner on second base) prior to the start of play.


  • PROTESTNo Tournament game will be protested.  All situations will be handled by the umpires when it occurs.  To assist in any situation that may arise, at least one of the following personnel:  the Tournament Director, Assistant Director  and  or the Tournament Field Manager must be present at all Final Rounds of play.


  • OFFICIAL SCORER –  The Home Team book will be the official scorer.  The tournament is open to all Monmouth County teams regardless of their record.  Home team keeps the official book for all games.


  • REPORT SCORES – Immediately following each game, the winning coach must advise the Tournament Field Manager (Greg Kapalko Cell: (732)-881-2011) of the results. Please email or text scores to wallsoftballscores@gmail.com so that we can load it on the site.  Game highlights and outstanding performances are welcome. The winning coach must call the Asbury Park Press and Star-Ledger with the result




 Maroon Championship Division                               Gray Developmental Division

1989        Red Bank Catholic High School            (NONE)

  • Wall Township High School                   (NONE)
  • Wall Township High School                   (NONE)
  • Middletown South High School                  (NONE)
  • Allentown High School Marlboro High School

1992    Middletown South High School                                       Marlboro High School

1993    Ocean Township High School                                           Marlboro High School

1994    Allentown High School                                                        Mater Dei High School

1995    Ocean Township High School                                           Matawan High School

1996    St. John Vianney High School                                            Marlboro High School

1997    Wall Township High School                                              Marlboro High School

1998    Red Bank Catholic High School                                        Keansburg High School

1999    Manasquan High School                                        Freehold Twp. High School

2000    Red Bank Catholic High School                                        Howell High School

2001    Freehold Township High School                                     Freehold Boro High School


In 2002 and 2003 attendance dropped and the tournament only had one division. Nick Pizulli (Red Bank-AD) asked Wall to take over the tournament. We again went to two divisions of play and called it the Monmouth County Tournament.

2002    St. John Vianney

2003    Red Bank Catholic


2004    St. John Vianney 8-0 Red Bank Catholic

2005    Manalapan 3-1 Ocean Twp.


RED Championship Division                                          BLUE Developmental Division

2006    RBC 1-0  SJV                                                         St. Rose 1-0 Rumson

2007    SJV  2-1 Wall Twp.                                                 St. Rose  3-0  Monmouth Reg.

2008    RBC  1-0 Mater Dei (8 innings)                             Freehold Twp. 4-0 Manasquan

2009    RBC 1-0  Middletown South                                 Holmdel  2-0  Marlboro

2010    SJV defeated Midd South                                     Neptune defeated Manalapan

2011    SJV defeated RBC 5-2                                           Matawan 4-3 Manalapan (3)

2012    SJV (4) Midd South (3)                                          Red Bank Regional  1-0  Neptune

2013    SJV 8-0 Wall Twp.                                                   Mater Dei  3-1 Free Twp.                         White Div.  Matawan 1-0 Free Borough

2014   SJV 4-0 Midd South                                                Red Bank Reg. 8-6  Holmdel                    White Div.  Shore Reg. 1-0  Free Borough

2015  St. John Vianney                                                         

2016  St. John Vianney

2017  St. John Vianney                                                Blue Div. Ocean Township over Wall Township

2018 St.John Vianney 5-2 Middletown North             Blue Div. RBC 12-3 Colts Neck  

2019 SJV & Middletown North – Co-Champs

2020 No Tournament (Covid 19)

2021 Colts Neck 2-1 Freehold Twp.                          Blue Division: RBC defeats Ocean Twp.

2022 Freehold Twp. 14-5 Middletown South           Blue Division: Howell 8-1 Freehold Borough

2023 St. John Vianney 16-3 Freehold Twp.                Blue Division: Marlboro 8-6 Raritan



Tournament Management

Tournament Director:                         Sherri Cate, Wall Township High School.

Tournament Director:                         Greg Kapalko wallsoftballscores@gmail.com


*Wall Township High School will be the sponsoring school in accordance with the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association requirement, Article X.


Teams Eligible to Participate in the Monmouth County Tournament


Colts Neck Freehold Borough Freehold Twp. Henry Hudson
Holmdel Howell Keansburg Keyport Long Branch
Manalapan Manasquan Marlboro Matawan Mater Dei
Middletown North Middletown South Monmouth Regional Neptune Ocean Twp.
Ranney Raritan Red Bank Catholic Red Bank Regional Rumson
Shore St. John Vianney St. Rose Trinity Hall Wall






Monmouth County Softball Tournament Ranking



Red Division
Blue Division
1.   9.  
2.   10.  
3.   11.  
4.   12.  
5.   13.  
6.   14.  
7.   15.  
8.   16.  


  • Ranking Form must be in by Friday, March 31


  • Intent Form – Fax to (732) 556-2105
  • Tournament Entry Fee $200.00 – Send check to Wall Township High School, 18th Avenue & New Bedford Road, Wall Township, NJ, 07719 – Make check payable to: Wall High School
  • Umpire Form – Fax to (732) 556-2105
  • Team Roster Form – Fax to (732) 556-2105

              Please rank all teams in Monmouth County (1-26) and email to wallsoftballscores@gmail.com