2023 HOOP SPLASH Basketball Tournament Schedule

2022 Hoop Splash
Basketball Tournament

Saturday June 18 Boys Schedule

Rain Date: Some games will be played indoors Sat. June 18 and rest will be played Sunday June 19

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Dial: 810-10 – Text: @hsplas


Updated June 14

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3rd & 4th Grade Boys

1. SI Stingrays 3rd
2. IYB 3rd
3. NJ Shoreshots Warriors 3rd
4. NJ Shoreshots Gladiators 3rd
5.IYB -4th
6. SI Stingrays 4th
7. Shoreshots Lightning 4th

5th & 6th Grade Boys

1. SI Stingrays Red (Withdrew)
2. SI Stingrays Black 5th
3. TR Titans 5th
4. Shoreshots Ice 5th

5. CJ Ballers 6th
6. IYB 6th
7. Hudson Valley Knights 6th
8. NJ Fury 6th

 7th Grade Boys 

1.SI Stingrays 7th
2. IYB 7th
3. Shoreshots Orange 7th
4. Shoreshots Select 7th

8th Grade Boys

5. IYB 8th
6. Inferno Warriors
7. CJ Ballers
8 Shoreshots 8th
9. Inferno Warriors Red