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Congrats to all Wall Fall Champions

Sunday Men’s One Pitch:      Kaz Architects

Sunday American Champs:  Gallus

Sunday National Champs:    Howell Horndogs

Sunday C Champs:               Bar A/ Moistboyz

Women’s Champs:               Dig Deep

Sunday Final Playoff Results

August 20 Results
Kaz Build Design 18-15 & 20-11 Bevs on Deck
August 13 Results

 Playa Bowls 14-13,20-21 & 14-10 Ward Wight
 Kaz Build Design 14-13 & 21-18 Misfits
  Bevs on Deck 22-26, 20-11 & 10-3 Inglorious Bastards
August 6 Results

Playa Bowls 9-1 & 8-6 Porters
  Ward Wight 9-3 & 11-7 The Quebcers
  Inglorious Bastards 19-0 & 12- 1 Bar A/ Moistboyz
  Misfits 21-8, 11-12 & 10-5 WCT
  Bevs on Deck 13-14, 15-8 & 16-7 Howell Horndogs
  Kaz Build Design 20-8 & 12-10 Skidmarks
July 30 Results
 #5 Porters 8-6, 4-15 & 13-3 #4 Last Call
 #5. Inglorious Bastards   14-4 & 17-4 #12 Smokin’ Bunts
 #6. WCT                8-10, 17-11 & 11-10 #11 Los Bambinos
 #7. Skidmarks                  6-1 & 15-12 #10 Dad Kings
 #9 Howell Horndogs18-2 & 7-1  #8. Corporate Soldiers    
Starting August 5 we will be using the Playoff Schedule Grid for the remainder of the Season.

July 1 is Playoff Roster Deadline

TEAM ROSTERS Men & Women League: Each player must fill out and sign a Wall Twp. Roster/Waiver before the Player steps on the field. Note: This can ONLY be done from the Player’s phone or computer.
 Once that waiver is submitted the Player is automatically added to the Team’s Roster.
Each team is allowed no more than 20 players on their roster. . Players can be added or dropped by July 1 

Spring/Summer PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY – a player must play TWO (2) Games with his/her Team to be eligible to play in the Playoffs.
If your team fails to turn in a roster –  That Team will not be permitted to participate in the playoffs – NO EXCEPTIONS.


The above Link is what everyone needs to go by – That is the “only” OFFICIAL SCHEDULE – that is the only thing we UPDATE during the Season – the Individual Schedule Link does not get edited when we get rain-outs or I make Changes to the Schedule to accommodate Make-ups. That Individual Team Schedule is only a guide linked to the Events Page (Where we input the scores)

You and your players should check the Schedule Grid – EVERY WEEK – for changes – just in case we make one and forget to notify you – which might happen on an occasion.

If you miss a game or a DH that’s posted on the Grid – you will FORFEIT and pay the Full Ump Fee.