2020 Wall Recreation USA- League Update

Attn Coach – As you know because of the COVID-19 Crisis both the Wall Men’s Sunday Program and the Weeknight Women’s Program have been pushed back to June 14 & June 15 – On June 1 – we will take take another look at the landscape and reassess the 2020 Starting Date.

On another note because of the hardship caused by the Business Shutdown – The Entry Fee for for both the Sunday Men and Weeknight Women has been reduced to only $395.00 per Team.

Good Luck and Stay Safe

Greg Kapalko

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2020 Sunday Men’s Spring/Summer League

2020 Women’s Weeknight Spring/Summer League

USA- NJ Softball Programs

Fall Sunday Championship Results

Congratulations Ward Wight Realty 2019 Fall Softball League Champs

Championship Series

Ward Wight 5-4 & 10-4 Bar A/Moistboyz



  #5 Bar A/ Moistboyz 12-13, 7-6 &18-15 #3 Legion of Doom

  #1 Ward Wight 13-8 & 16-0 #7 Doublefisters


Sunday November 3 Results

Rash Field

   #8 Inglorious Bastards 15-14 #9 Outsiders
   #1 Ward Wight 13-4 #8 Inglorious Bastards 
   #1 Ward Wight 19-17 #8 Inglorious Bastards
 #3  Legion of Doom 5-15   #6 Last Call
#3  Legion of Doom 17-6   #6 Last Call
#3  Legion of Doom 18-17 #6 Last Call

Brice Park

 # 5 Moistboyz/Bar A  17-6  # 4 Shockers
# 5 Moistboyz/Bar A  16-14 # 4 Shockers 

 #7 Doublefisters 15-7 #10 Pogue Mahone
 #7 Doublefisters 15-3 #2 Qual Tech
 #7 Doublefisters 10-7 #2 Qual Tech


Sunday November 10

Best 2 of 3 Series

8:30 AM Semifinal #1

Rash Field

8:30AM Semifinal #2

12:00AM Fall Championship Series


All Games 6 Innings
Run Rules will Apply
Home Team Higher Seeds in Odd Games
2 Umps per Games ($32 per Team per Ump)


Women’s Championship Results 2019

#3 Bar A Bombers 10-3 & 12-4 #1 Greenway Mortgage
Bombers Sweep
#4 Marketing Genome 8-0, 7-15 & 5-3 Tats and Bats
Genome goes home with Title – Congrats Louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Congratulations to 2019 Fall League Champs !!!
#5 Chocolate Carousel  11-1   #2 Atlantic Star
Chocolate Carousel Wins A Series 2-0
 #2 RKE Athletic   9-7  #1 Caught Looking
 RKE JAXX Wins B Series 2 -1
Congratulations to 2019 Summer League Champs !!!





Players can only play on one Sunday team (either the American Division (B) or National Division (C). No major or impact players are allowed. No major or impact player can play in the Sunday B/C League Playoffs. If you do not know if a player is on that list, you must contact Greg Kapalko to find out before that players play, and if an impact player is caught playing on an unauthorized team, that team will forfeit all playoff games that the impact player participated in. All players participating in any Wall Recreation Softball League agree to play at their own risk of injury. It is the responsibility of each manager to inform all his or her player of this stipulation.

TEAM ROSTERS are to be submitted by June 1 (Men & Women). Each Coach will be given a Password to our Roster Section on the ” WALL SOFTBALL WEBSITE” – Each Coach is responsible to submit his Team’s Roster to the Roster Section of the Website and is required to be  filled out .  Each team is allowed no more than 20 players on their roster. . Players can be added or dropped by June 16.  Players Name is required –  – Cell & email address are optional on each Roster.

Spring/Summer PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY – a player must play TWO (2) Games with his/her Team to be eligible to play in the Playoffs.
For a player to be added to a roster.. If your team fails to turn in a final roster by June 16-  you will not be permitted to participate in the playoffs – NO EXCEPTIONS.


Attn Coach – We had a Team miss a Game last night at Rash Field because the players read the Individual Schedule Link not the Official Schedule Grid  (which you all were instructed to at the Meeting)

Sunday Link


Women’s Link


The above Link is what everyone needs to go by – That is the “only” OFFICIAL SCHEDULE – that is the only thing we UPDATE during the Season – the Individual Schedule Link does not get edited when we get rain-outs or I make Changes to the Schedule to accommodate Make-ups. That Individual Team Schedule is only a guide linked to the Events Page (Where we input the scores)

You and your players should check the Schedule Grid – EVERY WEEK – for changes – just in case we make one and forget to notify you – which might happen on an occasion.

If you miss a game or a DH that’s posted on the Grid – you will FORFEIT and pay the Full Ump Fee.

We are still waiting for some rosters – time is running out